Zen Kitchen by Hanomoco Design


Earlier this year I shot two projects with the newly-founded Hanomoco Design (a partnership between designers Dan Hano and Charlotte Moco) and my longtime client McCutcheon Construction. Dan and Charlotte have come out of the gate strong and this project in particular struck me as unique.


I tried to keep the photos clean and simple, following the aesthetic of the space, and with such great lines it was a real pleasure to compose photographs in there! There’s more from Hanomoco coming soon: meantime, here’s the rest of our set from this project.

hargis_160120_1380 hargis_160120_1415-2 hargis_160120_1448

13 responses to “Zen Kitchen by Hanomoco Design

  1. Very Nice. Following you I always have Beautiful work to inspire me. I appreciate you doing so much to help us real estate photographers.

  2. These photos are about as clean an interior photograph as you can get. Just wondering what your lighting set up was. Thanks for sharing your inspiring work.

  3. Yes, I second that motion!

  4. Hi, Scott, how long does it takes to shot one photo?

  5. I find the perfect imperfections fascinating. The flowers that aren’t in the vase yet, the lemons and lime that didn’t quite make it into the bowl, and the magazine not exactly on the counter, (all juxtaposing otherwise extremely formal compositions).

    In the early 80’s I worked as a photographer’s assistant for Vogue fashion photographer Denis Piel for a year. He used to say, “Throw it away. Throw it away” which was his (Australian) way of saying to avoid contrivances. Like lighting, it’s another skill Scott helps us learn, as he builds interest into the composition one component at a time. Thanks Scott.

  6. It is great to see your work Scott. Always inspiring.
    Thank you for sharing it.

  7. Niall Hastie

    Great images Scott. Really clean and well composed. Inspirational as always.
    Can you say which lens you used for these images ? Were they shot with Tilt-shift lenses ?

    • Niall, thanks. Pretty much any interiors/architectural photo I make (as in, 99%) involve lens movements. The focal lenghts here range from 24mm up to 50mm.

  8. really beautiful . tell me, which lenses are you using these days? i just upgraded to the canon 5D M3 and not sure which lens to pick up. i was using my 7D with Tokina 11-16mm and that lens was my workhorse. what do you suggest for the 5D?

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