Workshop – South Africa!


Mark your calendar for October 10th and 11th — those are the dates for my Interiors Photography Workshop in South Africa! We’ll be in Cape Town, and possibly Johannesburg, and it looks like we’ve got some good venues lined up to shoot in.

Tuition is $350US and includes a full day of shooting — and when I say a “full day” I mean I’m not leaving until you’re DONE. We’ll cover everything I know how to do, whether that’s fast-paced real estate photography or the slower, more nuanced interior design work, or the composition-driven architectural photography.

If you’re interested — email me and I’ll get you on the roster! And here’s a sampling of photos from past workshops, worldwide:


10 responses to “Workshop – South Africa!

  1. Hi Scott, would it be possible for you to make this available for purchase at a later date for those of us who might have to work those days? Thanks, Mark

    • Mark, that’s pretty much how it works. Unless we sell out….although if there’s a big enough wait list I can always add a day.

  2. How about Hawaii? It’s not far from the Bay Area. 🙂

  3. Dam I am live in South Africa and really wish I could make this, hope you have a super time in SA, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

  4. Cannot believe I missed this one.

  5. Do you have workshops in the Bay Area?

  6. Scott, would you be willing to come to Rochester, NY? How many students would you need to come for a workshop? Thanks!

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