What Does It Take To Make It?

Last March, when I was in Dubai with GPP, I had the chance to hang out a bit with Lee Morris and Patrick Hall, the duo behind the popular blog Fstoppers.com.

Lee and Patrick were attending as guests of GPP, and of course shooting a ton of video. They shot interviews with 8 of the 13 instructors and cut them together into the 15-minute collage above. You’ll have to hold out for the 9-minute mark to see me, but frankly it won’t be difficult — this is actually really good stuff to listen to. You’re getting career advice from the best: Heisler, Burnett, McNally, Hurley, Keatley, Arias & Hobby.


7 responses to “What Does It Take To Make It?

  1. Spot on, this is so helpful for me as I’m just starting out!

  2. yildirim enes

    Thank you so much Scott,this is so inspiring made me keep trying,no matter how many times I failed to do what I wanted to achieve while I am shooting.

  3. Doug Touchette

    Scott, thanks for sharing, A lot was said in a few words..

  4. Yeah, there’s a lot of good wisdom in that video. I was proud to be part of it.

  5. Scott, the entire video was helpful and I thought your comments and suggestions were some of the best of all. The notion of seeking out clients, contacting them and complementing their work, while informing them you are a photographer is so right on. I thank you for this valuable piece of advice.

  6. That video was great. So many great points all wrapped up in 15 minutes. It should be required watching for all photographers. Those are all amazing photographers I’ve looked up to for years and it was great seeing you in there with them Scott. Good for you!

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