Twilights with Custom Kitchens

Last winter I shot the interiors of this whole-house remodel for Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins (Arts & Crafts Happiness, November 2010) .

Powder room, shot last winter

This house, which is in Alameda, California (an island in the San Francisco Bay, as John Harrington likes to say) was lifted off it’s foundation, completely overhauled, and set back down again; with a new front porch added on in addition to the elevator, re-done staircase, multiple bathroom remodels, and a new kitchen. Oh, and the fireplace with built-ins, master bedroom, walk-in closet….the list goes on. A lot of work got done here.

We decided to hold off on shooting the exteriors until spring, when things would be in bloom, and looking nice. One evening a couple of weeks ago, we got it done. I made a few photos in the last, lingering daylight before the sun slipped below the trees behind us:

Once the sun slipped below the treeline behind us, we set up for the “Hero” shot — which is at the top of this post. Here’s an alternate angle:

UPDATE: — I found a behind-the-scenes shot on my iPhone!

5 responses to “Twilights with Custom Kitchens

  1. I love this exterior! Nice work, Mister!

  2. Another lovely property. You certainly picked a nice for it. Out of curiosity Scott, did you add light to the terrace shots?

    • Charles, these are all ambient light. We had a spectacular night for this shoot. Neighbors from the surrounding houses came out to watch the glamorous, exciting process of twilight photography (often compared to watching paint dry) and it turned into a little neighborhood get-together. Fun.

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