Golden_Gate_Bridge_ 2

Last October, actually, but screw it, it’s my blog. Finally got a decent film scanner and I’ve been busily scanning transparencies going back years. This was shot on my Sinar 4×5, using Fuji Provia. Maybe a 45-second exposure. Was great to finally see this picture! Color negatives are just not satisfying to look at…

5 responses to “Today

  1. Scanner? Brand, model, resolution?

  2. What a beautiful image, how long ago did you take the photo?
    I was curious as well about the scanner make and model.

  3. Epson 1600.
    ctadin, thanks, this was from last October.

  4. Nice shot. Good job getting capturing the dynamic range of the scene. Last I checked Provia was slide film, aka positive.

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