This Week In Photos: October 21, 2011

photo (c) Ellis Au

No before-and-afters this week, folks…The whole week (pretty much) was either pre-production, shooting, and post-production on one large job in Mendocino, California.

We spent 2 nights, and 2 LONG days shooting, got some great stuff which I won’t be able to share for a little while. But my assistant Ellis Au got some BTS shots on my new iPhone 4s, thought I’d share them here. Thanks, Ellis!

Dawn Twilights! Ellis checks focus as Jim Cox looks on.

Dawn Redwoods (Van Damme State Park)

photo (c) Ellis Au

Ellis sets a hotlight

Setting up for a bathroom shot

I’m just back from dinner at Lococo’s! Have a great weekend!

5 responses to “This Week In Photos: October 21, 2011

  1. Hey Scott, what conditions, or what look, drives you to use hot lights as opposed to flash?

    • Scott,
      Hotlights are great when you’ve got a very delicate task, requiring an exact placement. Sometimes we’re lighting a small, very well-defined area, and the light has to be feathered perfectly, to a fraction of an inch. It could be done with a flash/strobe, with a LOT of chimping, but a hotlight lets you see exactly what you’re getting as you set it.

  2. Got it, feedback and adjustment in real time. Thanks for replying…

  3. I’d do it with every light, but hotlights are, well…

  4. Scott, I have pretty much purchased your equipment list verbatim per your LFRE tutorials.. watched your videos about 10x each. I’m pretty faithful but now this throws a bit of a monkey wrench into my setup. I’d love to know what to look for in a hot light setup similar to what you use. I’m ready to purchase your next online video course going beyond the original set of instructions.

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