This Week in Photos: October 14th, 2011

A small sample from an otherwise busy week. Capping off the week with a late shoot in San Francisco’s Millenium Tower….dinner is likely to be take-out!

3 responses to “This Week in Photos: October 14th, 2011

  1. Love the way the pictures in the first photo draw the viewers eye into the composition.

  2. I’m curious why you didn’t turn the lights on in the top photo.

    • Because this place was totally under construction! You wouldn’t believe what was going on about two inches outside the frame of this image. For some bizarre reason, we could either have lights “on” on the first floor, or the second floor, but not both (the possible reasons for this still make me a little nervous). And since there were workers with power tools on both floors, basically time-sharing the electricity, I finally got tired of using my pidgin spanish to ask for lights on (encender las luces, por favor) and lights off (apague las luces!) and just shot rooms however they happened to be.

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