The Pacific

…by Handel Architects.

Builder: Plant Construction

Developer: Trumark Urban

2 responses to “The Pacific

  1. OK, I’ll get this party started ;-). It’s a beautiful picture, and surely the client loves it. But, just a minute …

    I’m fascinated by the choices you made, Scott, and I’d love to hear how the shot evolved. First choice is timing. Twilight: Check. But did you intentionally choose a day with a clear sky, or did you experiment? And, what accounts for the halo that seems to encircle the building, giving it an ethereal glow?

    My next observation is regarding the few front offices that are illuminated. How did it come to be that these, and only these, were illuminated? Didn’t the rest of the offices get the memo?

    Next puzzle are the electric lines and pole on the left. What determined if they should stay or go? I’m no longer accustomed to brutal realism in photography, OK?

    Any other info on what went into the making of your shot would surely be of interest to your fan club, of which I’m a card carrying member.

    Many thanks!

  2. That ethereal glow are the headlights and tail lights of passing cars. The shutter speed is V-E-R-Y slow.

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