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Q & A


I got an email recently from a photography student who had a short list of questions about architectural photography. I sent back some answers, which led to a follow-up, which led to another question, and in the end I realized this was probably good stuff for general consumption. So: Thanks, Meagan, for getting me back into writing mode!

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Live From the Inbox

I get a fair bit of email asking me for advice, explanations, etc., and while I try to keep up with it, I have to admit that sometimes I get pretty much overwhelmed and give up on it. Having emailed photographers myself, asking for help, I know it sucks to get no reply, but the truth is that I average around 30+ emails a day, and at least that many phone calls and text messages, between clients, friends, a lover, and of course other photographers. And I spam-blocked my own Flickr-mail account long ago, when I was getting inundated with “so-and-so made you a Contact!” emails. So if you’re Flickr-mailing me, don’t expect a response anytime soon – I check it (maybe) once a month, if I’m not too busy.

Anyway, what I’m getting to here is that I thought this might be an opportunity to start a new series: Live From the Inbox. Why waste a good response to a great question on just one person? So below are a sample of questions that have come in lately, in the hopes that there might be a gem or two of information that more than one person can use.

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