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Some subjects are more into it than others…


And Now For Something Completely Different….

While I make 99% of my living shooting interiors, I also love doing portraits. No, I’m not Dan Winters, or Platon, or Martin Schoeller, and certainly not Gregory Heisler, but I still like doing it, and I’ve worked very hard over the past couple of years to get my headshot skills up to par. Here’s a dozen of my favorites from 2010! Click to see ’em bigger.

Time-Lapse of a Portrait Session

Having enlightened clients is awesome.

And I’m blessed to have a few. You may remember the portraits I made of THIS real estate agent, for example. Now there’s a guy who both wants to stand out from the crowd, and isn’t afraid to take chances, both artistically, and physically. And then there was THIS GUY, who was really up for something weird.

A few months ago, I got a call from another long-time client, Kim. She’s a real estate agent, and was re-vamping her website. There would be a testimonial page, and she wanted photos of her past clients to go alongside their words. “But I don’t want it to look like everybody else’s testimonial page,” she said.

“I know,” I said. “Clich├Ęs are awful. But we could do something more, uh, creative, if you want.” read more and see the video after the jump