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New Work from Scott Hargis Photo

It’s been a shocking six months since I last collected a portfolio of recent work, so it was hard to do — there’s been lots of good stuff in front of my camera.  Click the image above to see the whole gallery, and don’t miss the new Interiors gallery, while you’re there.

As always, many thanks to my awesome clients, including:
Handel Architects  •  Bayon Design Studio  •  Dijeau Poage Construction  •  Studio Becker  •  Martinkovic Milford Architects  •  Ken Baxter Construction  •  Allis, Inc.  •  Trumark Urban  •  Pacific Polaris •  building Lab  •  Atria Senior Living

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New Work from Scott Hargis Photo


Not seen since January of this year…the latest collection of new work! Click the link above to see it all. Enjoy!

New Work!


I’ve been lazy this summer and my “New Work” schedule kind of fell by the wayside….which made it extra-hard to edit this collection! I had too many photos from too many great projects and had to cut to the bone to keep the numbers reasonable. Click the image above to see the gallery in all it’s full-screen glory!

Thanks as always to my awesome clients for designing and building such incredible spaces:

Bayon Design Studio  •  Holly Bender Interiors  •  building Lab  •  Jeff King & Co.  •   Dogtown Development  •  Leslie Arnold Architect  •  Ian Birchall & Associates  •  Bleu Leman Interiors  •  Brownhouse Design  •  Regan Baker Interiors  •  Kimberley Harrison Interiors

New Work from Scott Hargis Photo!


It’s that time.…I’ve updated the website with a new collection of images from recent assignments. Check it out HERE, and while you’re browsing, be sure to check out the new “Fine Art Prints” gallery (to which I’m adding new stuff all the time), as well.

Every image on the site is available as a signed print.

New Work – Summer 2014


It’s that time again….I’ve compiled a fresh “New Work” collection with the best of the best since May. Check out all 25 images HERE!

Many thanks to the awesome designers, architects, builders, and stylists who labored to create these spaces:

Brownhouse Design  •  Kathy Price  •  W Design  •  Muratore Corp.  •  Cindy Bayon  •  Heather Menegat  •  building Lab  •  Atria Senior Living  •  Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins  •  Joy Wilkins  •  Karmela Dizon  •  Enlighten  •  Tracy Toepfer  •  Design Image  •  Carol Kelly  •  MJK Homes  •  Matt Komo  •  Lencioni Construction


New Work – May Edition


It’s been a great winter and spring, and I can’t believe I haven’t curated a “New Work” portfolio since November! That meant I had to go through an awful lot of images and make some hard decisions to keep this collection to a manageable size.

Click the image above to take a quick run through what I think is my strongest work from the last 6 months. While I was at it, I gave the “Residential Interiors” portfolio on my website got a refresh, too.

Many thanks to the awesome clients who conceived, designed, built and allowed me to photograph their work:

Muratore Corp  •  Leslie Arnold Architect  •  building Lab  •  Mulberry USA  •  Pfau Long Architects  •  Thrive Homes  •  Susan Diana Harris Interior Design •  Bleu Leman Design  •  Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins

Flipbook: 2013

A little later this year than last….but it’s ready! This edition of my annual flipbook contains images from 5 countries and more cities than I can remember.

Hope you like it!

New Work from Scott Hargis Photo


It’s that time….I’ve posted a new quarterly portfolio at www.scotthargisphoto.com.

New work from Jennifer Hoey Interiors, building Lab, Baran Studios Architects, Muratore Corp., and many more! It’s an amazing symbiotic relationship…my clients produce killer interiors and architecture, which provides the raw material for my camera, which leads to photographs that (hopefully) inspire yet more great design…

Some terrific projects are on the horizon, stay tuned!

New Work: Summer 2013

WordpressClick the image to view the complete collection.

This late-summer portfolio features images from the following:

Handel Architects  •  Building Lab  •  Shelterwerkes Architecture  •  Atria Senior Living  •  Kelly Scanlon Interiors   •  Dogtown Development  •  Baran Studio Architects

Thanks for producing such amazing material for me to photograph!

New Work Spring 2013


It’s that time — I’ve updated the portfolios and collected my best from the past 3 months into a new “New Work” gallery. Check it out here!


Flipbook: 2012

So I’m four weeks late. Sue me. But better late than never, here it is, the 2012 SHP Flipbook, featuring a cameo appearance by the Les Poulet Bunnies! It’s HD, so by all means play it large.

You can see the 2011 Flipbook here.


New Work From Scott Hargis Photo – Winter 2013


It’s that time, and I’ve been hard at work all week avoiding curating a collection of what I think are the best images I’ve shot over the past three months or so. Click the image above to see the entire gallery!

As always, I have to thank my partners in these photos – the awesome clients who create the raw material for me. In no particular order:

Muratore Corp  •  Holly Bender Interiors  •  Jody Brettkelly  •  1Columbia Design  •  Thornwall Properties  •  Arco Construction  •  Susan Diana Harris Interior Design  •  Martin Perri Interiors  •  Leslie Arnold Architect  •  Folio Design


New Work from Scott Hargis Photo

Every Quarter or so, I launch a new portfolio composed of my favorite images shot during the preceding three months. This fall, I’m particularly pleased with the collection – and it was quite a process editing it down to a manageable size!

As always, I owe a big debt of thanks to my awesome clients who created such excellent material for my camera.

While I was at it, I also re-vamped and updated my other portfolios. So, check ’em out!! Predictably, my favorite is the iPhone gallery. Four years and counting, and I still love making iPhone shots! I’m hopeless!

New Work Portfolio

My quarterly “New Work” portfolio launches this morning — a little late (it’s been a very busy spring here at SHP WHQ). Hit the image above to see the full collection.

And as always, I took the opportunity to promote a few of the winners from the last NW collection into my main “Interiors” portfolio, and retired some of the older stuff that I’m sick of looking at.

Among the clients who supplied killer material for me this term are:

Muratore Corp  •  Custom Kitchens  •  Bentwood Kitchens  •  Dumican Mosey Architects  •  Skyline Construction  •  Andrew Cohen Architects  •  Holly Bender Interiors  •  MB Jessee, Inc.  •  Michael Friedes Interior Design

Thanks to all!

New Work — Winter 2012 Collection

I’m very late with this, but it’s been a very busy fall/winter. Still, I’ve been itching to get this portfolio together, so today finally it’s live!

Click the image above to see the entire collection….and Thank You!

2011 Flipbook

View it big.

It’s been a good year! As I was recently reminded (thanks, Klaus!), I have the best job in the world. I spend every day doing what I want to be doing (except, maybe, bookkeeping day. Blech.) I’ve got enough money, and enough time (usually) to be good to myself once in a while.

When I reflect on 2011, I can’t help being aware that there are an awful lot of folks out there who are having a really hard time right now. People are out of work, or stuck in awful jobs that they can’t leave because there aren’t any other options. I’m pretty lucky.

Thanks to all my clients who give me such great stuff to put in front of my camera! See you all in 2012!

New Work From Scott Hargis Photo!

My Summer New Work Collection goes live today! Click the image above to see the whole portfolio. I updated other areas of my website as well, so while you’re there, click around a little.

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New Work

Yep, it’s that time again — indeed well past time — so here’s the Spring 2011 New Work collection! Click the image above to see the entire collection.

These are images made since October of 2010 (the last time I updated my portfolio). The collection includes interiors by 1Columbia Design, Bleu Leman Design, Custom Kitchens of Oakland, Dennis Family Homes, Dumican Mosey Architects, LMB Interiors, McCutcheon Construction, and McGrath Properties, among others. I’m proud and excited to be working with these great firms!

While I was at it, I updated my “standard” Interiors and Exteriors portfolios, and (best of all) my iPhone portfolio. Man, I love making those iPhone shots.

And now it’s back to work…..the next project beckons….

New Work from Scott Hargis Photo

I’ve just updated the website with new images — click the photo above to see the entire gallery.

I’m more stoked about this collection than any other I can remember. In fact, I was very tempted to just “promote” several of these straight to the main Interiors portfolio on my website….and I may yet do it.

Over the past few months, I’ve shot some killer projects in Vero Beach, Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle, and of course the Bay Area. All in all, it’s been one of the most fulfilling summers of my career — and there’s even more good stuff coming up on my calendar.

Thanks for looking, and I hope you like them!


New Work

Today I’m launching a new “New Work” portfolio, with images made since March of this year. Click the image above to see the whole gallery. I like this collection very much, and I can remember making every one of these photos as if it were yesterday. They were fun! You might also check out my “regular” Interiors Portfolio, which I just updated by deleting some old stuff I was sick of looking at, and replacing it with images I “promoted” from last winter’s “New Work” collection.

I’ve had a pretty good run in the last couple of weeks, as well – so the material for the next portfolio update is already beginning to come together. One of the things I love about photography is the anticipation of the next project…who knows what will be in front of my camera over the next three months? Stay tuned, I’ll show you the highlights sometime in October (more or less).