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Modern Luxury by Holly Bender Interiors


Back in February I shot this killer contemporary house (architect: Swatt Meiers) for my long-term client Holly Bender. I’ve never done a shoot with Holly that didn’t yield something I really, really liked, and over the course of 2 days we kept that streak going!

Holly worked with the homeowner, who is an art consultant, to combine a color palette and overall aesthetic that worked with the family’s extensive (and awesome) art collection. We worked hard to create a set of photos that really capture that, and also expressed the feeling of this place. We were pleased when Houzz.com featured the project in August, and it got pretty rave reviews!

Here are a few more from this shoot:

And a few Behind-The-Scenes (not many, we were pretty busy on this one!)


That’s Holly getting some twilight silhouettes of Ken Brown and I, perched on the edge of the pool.


Assistant (and car photographer) Ken Brown and I on a 10-inch wide edge of the pool (yep, the tripod is down to a 10″ footprint) shooting the landscaping (which was by L&L Landscaping).


Waiting to Inhale


The man was amazing.
We were standing in water up to our necks. I’d say something like “One, two, three” and we’d both go underwater, me lying flat on the bottom of the pool, him in a classic track-and-field starter’s crouch, and I’d make 2 or three frames, then stand up again to take a breath. I was wearing a weight belt to keep me down; he was just standing in the starting blocks. Full shoot breakdown after the jump