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Make A List, Check It Twice

Shot ListYou show up for an Interiors gig. You have a limited amount of time, and you’ve contracted to create a fixed number of shots. You walk in, and Whoa! Way cool place. Wasn’t expecting it to be so….big. And Snazzy.

You start your walk-through. “Living Room, nice, I’ll have to grab a shot with the window….but then I can’t get the fireplace, so that’ll be another shot. Oh, and then a third one to show the connection to the dining room.”

You walk into the dining room. “Cool, elevated Dining Area, I’ll get an angle that shows the steps. Plus, it’ll be a cinch to light it, I can use that high ceiling. Maybe I’ll grab a detail shot, too.”

Moving on — “Kitchen, check. Oh, right ON, you can see the pool through the window, maybe a shot across the center island that shows the window clearly. My client will wet her pants!”

Sweet! Nice staircase! I’ll do that, plus maybe some detail shots of the woodwork…nice banister, I could do some nifty depth-of-field stuff with that.”photo2

Upstairs: “Bedroom, bedroom, bedroom, (yawn) bathroom. Yep. Easy. Better remember to get a detail of the tile, I’m sure those were custom-made.”

Downstairs: “Oh crap, forgot the family room. Coupla shots here, too. Ok.”

Outside: “Nice. I’ll get the gazebo with the pool in the background. Oh, and then if I get low and put the hot tub in the foreground, I can show the chaise lounge and the rear elevation of the house, plus the redwood tree. But what about the whole outdoor kitchen thing over there? Ok, I’ll shoot that separately. Oh, and of course, a front elevation, too.”

All right, Class —  quick — how many shots was that? Don’t look — how many? What were the angles in the Living Room? Can you remember?

Yeah, I can’t either. read more after the jump