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Up On the Roof


Real Estate marketing tends to be, well, conservative. To put it mildly. In fact, when I look at the marketing collateral (in which my images are often featured prominently), they tend to look as if they were designed in the mid-80’s.

So I was stoked when one of my long-term clients, Michael Thompson, asked me to shoot a series of photos for his new self-promotional brochure. Michael wanted to avoid all the clichés that dominate his industry. He also wanted a very photo-centric brochure, with a minimum of text. Finally, he wanted the images to be evocative, even startling, and he didn’t necessarily want to be featured prominently in any of them.

Very, very cool. (rubs hands together) read more after the jump

A Clear and Present Kitchen


It could have been worse. It could have involved animals, too.

But as it was, I had non-professional volunteer adult models, about 15 children running around and watching (OK, maybe it was only 3, but it seemed like 15), 2 children who were also non-professional volunteer models, one of whom was expected to run through the set naturally. Also a video guy trying to get footage in between takes. Oh, and actually, there was a big dog present, though not part of the shot.

So, no – this was not my usual day of shooting empty interiors. full story after the jump