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LMB Interiors Featured on Decorati

Very nice to see my client Laura Martin Bovard featured on Decorati.com — along with images I made of two of her projects (here, and here).

I like working with Laura because she’s intensely focussed, and willing to put in the work to attain a really good photograph, no matter what it takes.  (I remember sitting in a cold car with her at 5:00am sipping coffee while we waited for pre-dawn access to a restaurant she designed. Between us, we barely had enough Spanglish to talk our way past the prep cook, who hadn’t been told about the shoot). On-set, she’s intent, but relaxed, clearly having a good time even as she obsesses over details.

She’s assertive enough to speak up when a shot isn’t working for her, but also open to my arguments when I push for an angle she hadn’t considered. Between us, we’ve produced some images that are among my all-time favorites.

Laura’s wrapping up some cool new projects, so I’m looking forward to our next shoot!

Traditional Bedroom by Laura Martin Bovard

Recently I had the pleasure of working again with Laura Bovard (Laura Martin Bovard Interiors), this time on a traditional bedroom she created for the CLS Home Tour fundraiser.

Once Laura got the music going, things really started grooving and we produced a great set of photos….enjoy! Continue reading

Master Suite by Laura Martin Bovard Interiors

Here’s an example of a Speed Shoot: we had about two hours to produce a half dozen images on three setups…including styling! No problem, though…even Laura’s husband Scott pitched in to hang artwork and hold my Color Target!

more photos after the jump

In the Field with LMB Interiors

On location with Laura Martin Bovard Interiors….