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Tonight, actually….it’s that kind of night.



The lighting is heating up…..in the field with Davis Designs!

This Morning


(Still) on Market Street, San Francisco. Morning commute in full swing, looking for some good swooshy taillights!

Last Night



iPhone Photo of the Day! From the top of the New Priest Grade, Hwy. 120, California.



Last night, really….




Phycodurus eques


From maybe a year ago….
Amazingly, this is iPhone!



At Pier 24, San Francisco. (iPhone)






Wandering around Napa….channeling Edward Hopper….

iPhone Photos of the Day

Shooting more 4×5 today!photo copy 2

iPhone Photo of the Day

Infinity Tower, Dubai Marina (Skidmore Owings Merrill). Scouting Photo…more to come!Infinity

iPhone Photo(s) of the Day

On location in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, with Muratore Corp.

Photo by Alan Vance

Above: composing the shot by the reflected view of the Live View screen, in the bathroom mirror. Camera is about 2 inches from the surface of the mirror. Operating the shift and rotation ring backwards was….tricky.

Photo by Alan Vance

Leveling the camera. With the center post tilted back, the usual pan/tilt/rise knobs on the tripod head no longer work as usual. Any camera move required a combination of two or more axes of motion.

Lower leg of the tripod is in a Bogen superclamp mounted on top of the short lightstand.  Pendant lamps are flagged off with cinefoil so they don’t reflect in the glass of the shower stall, visible behind me. Couldn’t just turn them off because they were on the same circuit with other lights that we needed on.


iPhone Photo(s) of the Day

(Still) on location with Arco Constuction (Beverages Group).

What 150,000 square feet of beer looks like.

…and 8000 square feet of ice-cold kegs:

And if you’re wondering if they really keep all that beer cold?

Yes. They do.

New Work from Scott Hargis Photo

Every Quarter or so, I launch a new portfolio composed of my favorite images shot during the preceding three months. This fall, I’m particularly pleased with the collection – and it was quite a process editing it down to a manageable size!

As always, I owe a big debt of thanks to my awesome clients who created such excellent material for my camera.

While I was at it, I also re-vamped and updated my other portfolios. So, check ’em out!! Predictably, my favorite is the iPhone gallery. Four years and counting, and I still love making iPhone shots! I’m hopeless!

iPhone Photo of the Day

Location scouting with Dumican Mosey Architects, at the Berkeley Tennis Club….under the historic Claremont Hotel.

The View from Russian Hill

Apparently, a Canon 5DmII with a 70-200 f/2.8 IS lens on a Gitzo tripod with a Schneider .6 Grad ND filter and a remote shutter release is better than an iPhone. Who woulda guessed?

iPhone Photo of the Day

Spent the entire morning scouting future shoots on Nob Hill in San Francisco….some killer stuff on the slate for this spring!

Witness 11

And now for something completely different….

That’s an iPhone grab from the set of Witness 11, a short film I participated in yesterday about Bertold Brecht and the HUAC (anti-communist) hearings in 1947.

I did a little tech consulting on set, getting some faux flash action to create a “papparazi” effect, and also played the role of a press photographer during the interrogation. Good fun!