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(More) Highrise Happiness from Muratore


We wanted to relate the gorgeous art-deco grill covers to the (gorgeous) art-deco Golden Gate Bridge….but the fog did not cooperate! We watched all day and shot this when things were best, but still no bridge… Still: how do you not plant a human being in that chair?! Had to do it! The biggest lighting challenge with this shot was making sure the chrome features of the grill “popped” appropriately, which meant giving them something bright to reflect.

We’ve shot several projects with Muratore this summer, so here’s another; this art-deco inspired condo atop San Francisco’s Nob Hill.


I loved the way the aggressively patterned floor carried through to the grid of the San Francisco streets far below.



Maple burlwood veneer coupled with black granite countertops (and black acrylic cabinets) make for a dramatic yet inviting kitchen.




We couldn’t resist this hallway shot, featuring the astonishing Egyptian-motif doors! The “Indiana Jones” fedora was a last-minute addition…


Client: Muratore Corp.
Interior Design: Tammi Bates
Styling: Heather Menegat
Photo Assist: Alan Vance

Burj Khalifa


When I was in Dubai a couple of months ago, with GPP, I took a few days for myself to shoot some tall buildings. At the top of my list was the Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest building in the world, at 829.8 meters (2722 feet) tall. That’s well over half a mile, folks.

Just for sense of scale, the buildings clustered nearby range from 40 to 60 stories, making them as high as the highest buildings in San Francisco.

More photos, and the write-up, after the jump!