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Scott Hargis Lighting Interiors eBook


I think this thread has outlived it’s usefulness! If you’re arriving late to the party, this was originally a bit of a rant on my part because search terms kept popping up that were clearly intended to find a way to steal my book (torrent, fileripper, pirated, etc.)

I asked people to explain why they would steal something that costs less than $50, and incredibly, a number of people showed up and gave their reasons why they steal. And even more folks showed up and left testimonials about why the book was worth the money to them. I really appreciated that!

And, a bunch of people just used it as a way to be righteously indignant over nothing at all. They stumbled on the blog post while searching for a legitimate way to buy the book (HERE, fyi) and decided that I was accusing them of stealing. (Apparently reading past the second sentence was too much trouble).

So: If you’re searching for my eBook, it’s HERE. I think you’re gonna like it. You might also like my VIDEO SERIES.

Thanks….and, Happy lighting!

(Essential Guide to) Lighting Interiors on the Strobist Bookshelf

I’m honored this week to find that my book, The Essential Guide to Lighting Interiors, is one of 9 books recommended by David Hobby, over on Strobist.com. (His “bookshelf” also features a couple of videos, and his own very worthwhile set of DVDs).

It’s humbling to be in that company. And I’m pretty sure McNally is out-selling me, but that’s OK.

You can listen to a 10-minute discussion of the book over on Mike Miriello’s blog, The Real Estate Photography Podcast. Please note that I recorded that interview about a day after I returned from Norway; so if I sound like a blithering idiot, it’s the jetlag. It’s the JETLAG!

Thanks to everyone who has sent their comments on the book – it’s very appreciated. Happy New Year — I think 2011 will see some awesome projects!