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New Equipment Video

When I started shooting interiors, in 2006, I was doing it with a Canon 20D, a couple of Nikon SB-24s, and a homemade, fifty-foot sync cable. Those were the days!

UPDATE: www.the-digital-picture.com, a photography blog, has itemized the equipment I show, with link:


Thanks, guys! We now return to the original blog post….

These days, the equipment roster has gotten a little bigger. You asked for it, here it is: the new, up-to-date equipment video. I tried to make it quick, but it’s 7 cases of stuff and then some, so get some popcorn and plan to settle in for about 17 minutes.

This is everything I use to create my photos. This gear comes with me on every job, from the little ones to the big ones (I never know what I’m going to need, so it all comes, every time.) We fly with it, drive with it, carry it up flights of stairs. Some jobs, all we use is a single strobe, or a small hotlight. Others, we empty every case and wish we had more.

This video was shot in my studio on a 5dMiii, and a Fuji X-100s. Took me a couple of tries, but I got through it with only one major gaffe and a couple of stutters. Enjoy!


Slik (video tripod) Lightstands

I’ve been enthusiastically proselytizing about using small, lightweight, inexpensive video tripods as lightstands for interiors work for some time now. The ones I have I bought several years ago (a testament to how sturdy they are) are the Slik SVD-20, and they’ve been discontinued for quite some time.

Malia Campbell, over at TulipChain Photography, has found a great replacement – and she’s written it up, along with a quick description of a fantastic modification (thanks, Mike Yothers!) that allows you to attach an umbrella quickly and easily. If you’re shooting interiors, I highly recommend everything contained in this article.

The Gear Bag Video Tour

NOTE: This is a really old post! If you’re looking for information on what equipment I use, check out the much more up-to-date video, here:

New Equipment Video

And now, back to the original post, from 2009:

First, has anyone noticed the new, wider, format of this blog? I figured out how to do that all by myself! The reason I wanted a wider column was that I’m planning to include much more video going forward, and this will allow you to view it without using a magnifying glass. Of course, you could also just click the “Full Screen” button at the bottom of the video window.

There’ll be a sequel to my “Correcting Verticals” video coming out pretty soon, and I have a couple of other video projects in the works, which will be WAY cool if they work, so stay tuned. And the list of “regular” blog topics keeps growing, so don’t worry, this won’t become YouTube anytime soon.

Today’s topic, though, is yet another in my “Frequently Asked Questions” series. “What kind of camera do you shoot with?”, “What lens do you use?” “What kind of umbrella should I buy?”, etc. etc. etc. I get emails like these almost every day, and while I try to answer them as quick as I can, here’s a pro-active response: I’m going to pull every piece of equipment out of the camera bags and show it to you.

It’s about 11 minutes long, so get a beer, sit back and enjoy. This was shot in the kitchen of a house I was about to shoot, because I had my personal videographer with me and the stager’s crew wasn’t ready for us yet. Not shown is all the crap I use on more involved shoots; that’ll have to be another video.

And why the hell do I keep smacking my gear around?!

Packing Light

SB80_StockUPDATE: Link to SB-80 User Guide added!

Here’s a question I get asked a lot: what’s the best speedlight for shooting interiors? get the answer after the Jump