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New Work from Scott Hargis Photo

Today I officially “launched” my quarterly New Work portfolio — a collection of the best stuff I’ve shot over the past 3 months or so. In this case, it more like 4 or 5 months, since I’ve been so swamped with work and travel I haven’t been able to stick to the schedule!

Click the image above to see the full collection, and let me know what you think.

Truth is, these images have been “live” on my website for about a month, but I needed to get away from them for a bit and then come back in order to see them clearly. That made a big difference, as I realized I needed to drop a few that were kind of lackluster, and I found a few new ones that I had overlooked or disqualified for bad reasons. This collection is better for having taken the extra time to think about it.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my portfolios lately. You may have read about it HERE, or maybe HERE. And if you’re wondering what my “New Work” emails look like, you should READ THIS.

Dripping with Success

One of the most successful marketing tools I use is the repetitive, or “drip” email campaign. I mentioned it here, and since today I picked up a new client as a direct result of it, I thought I’d spell it out for you in detail.

This is not an in-your-face kind of marketing campaign. I don’t put flashing lights, flames, and “BUY NOW!!” banners in it. Beyond asking people to look at my portfolio, there isn’t even an “action item”. The only purpose of the email(s) is to create name recognition, to plant a seed that (hopefully) will germinate when conditions are right.

Many of my clients are not professional photo buyers. They would have a hard time sourcing a photographer if they didn’t have a referral from someone. In some cases, they’re placing ads on Craigslist for lack of a better idea! By sending them my “drip” emails, I’m planting that seed, so that when the day comes that they’re ready, they’ll know exactly who they’re gonna call.

“You know,” they’ll say. “That guy, the one that sends the emails.” read more after the jump

Marketing to Real Estate Agents — The Top Tier

Hargis_080812_8823A while ago we discussed some techniques for building a client base out of nothing, when you’re just starting out as a Real Estate photographer (Stone Soup). Today, I’m going to assume that you’ve successfully gained a few regular clients, and have a few shoots under your belt. You’re starting to get the hang of things, your photography is getting better, and you’re beginning to eye some better gigs. How do you get the attention of the agents who have those $5,000,000 listings? The ones with the giant living rooms, eternity pools, 5-acre kitchens, and whatnot.

Find out how after the jump