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Bath & Bed by Custom Kitchens


My client Custom Kitchens doesn’t just do kitchens…their full name is “Custom Kitchens & Baths by John Wilkins”, after all!

Last week we spent a day shooting a guest suite and a master bath – here’s the results! Custom Kitchens just won 2 Gold Awards at the Remmies (with my photos…ahem) and these will be surely be contenders next year.


A Pair of (Custom) Kitchens


In late June I spent a day with Custom Kitchens in Oakland, and Kensington, California shooting a pair of recently competed projects. These kitchens are typical of Custom Kitchens designs — practical, rooted in traditional materials and layout, but not “cookie-cutter”. Lead Designer Joy Wilkins and her team are great at bringing a unique vision (and often) the homeowner’s existing needs and even hardware into the equation. The results are kitchens that are both beautiful and approachable. You can easily imagine yourself wandering in here in your bathrobe, pouring some coffee, and reading the paper.


The gorgeous center island featured here is by Bentwood Kitchens, based in Lancaster Texas. We left the louvered doors open at rear to show the washer-dryer – this sort of remodel feature matters a lot to older clients!


Our second location was even more traditional:




I’ve been shooting a lot of cool  projects this summer — much more to come!

Piedmont Residence by Custom Kitchens


A large window behind the camera had to be blacked out to preserve the left-to-right flow of light; this allows the shape of the oven doors to really “pop” (it’s also augmented a bit with added lighting). Under-cabinet lights are gelled to color-correct them from fluorescent to daylight; and fill light is added to the distant room.

Just a couple of weeks ago I photographed this killer project with Custom Kitchens, based right here in Oakland California. Joy Wilkins and her team designed this space around the homeowner’s Aga range; this is the second Aga I’ve photographed and they’re pretty cool!

Actually, the more accurate description would be “pretty hot”, because a cast-iron Aga range pours out heat 24 hours a day. It’s a bit like a brick oven: once it’s up to temperature, it stays there with minimal input.


Again, window light behind the camera is blacked out, and a combination of strobe and continuous light is added from camera right to bring out the texture of the backsplash and the shape of the oven doors.

The thing about an Aga is its robust shape; unlike most modern cooktops, which are sleek and almost aerodynamic, the Aga retains its industrial-era look and is almost voluptuous in its curves and protrusions. Joy recognized this as well and designed a gorgeous scalloped tile backsplash (reminds me of ripples in beach sand!) that showcases the range perfectly.

I worked hard to retain that textural quality by staying conscious of where the light was coming in; and that meant imposing an iron control over the (abundant) ambient light in this kitchen, and augmenting it with strobe and continuous lighting.


Joy and Natalie did a killer job of styling this room as a baker’s paradise, and we couldn’t resist getting a little action in the shot:


Our last shot of the day featured the “eat-in” part of the kitchen, as well as the practical aspects of the layout (note the good-looking laundry station).

Strobe lighting is brought in (via a large V-flat) through the window to simulate diffuse daylight on this tabletop.

Thanks to the team at Custom Kitchens for another great project!


Qualified Remodeler Magazine


Pleased to see the photographs I made for my friends at Custom Kitchens in the April issue of Qualified Remodeler, a trade magazine for the home remodeling industry.

Click the image above to see a PDF of the issue (jump to page 20 to see my stuff).

Entertainer’s Kitchen by Custom Kitchens


Here’s a June project I just haven’t had time to post — a great kitchen in Piedmont, California, by my good friends at Custom Kitchens & Baths.



As you can see, we were a little more aggressive than usual with the styling/propping on this one….



CK_FL_small_07I’ve been shooting at a pace I’ve never seen before, so many more projects coming…stay tuned!

Remmies: Part One

The deadline for entry in this years’ Remmies competition was September 7th, which meant that I was a busy guy in early September. For two years running, projects that I photographed have walked away with the Grand Prize in this NorCal NARI event. I’m hoping for a hat trick — and some of the stuff I shot this year should certainly be contenders! See more photos, and a full write-up, after the jump!

A Pair of Covers

Hits the stands this week, I’ve got the cover on Oakland Magazine/Alameda Magazine (same insides, different covers) – the Kitchen Issue.

I shot 4 kitchens over the course of a couple of weeks, and we included models in two of them, anticipating a cover opportunity. Those shots made the cut, and the results are above.  Fun stuff, and excellent material provided by:



Kitchen Remodel by Custom Kitchens, and Bentwood

It’s always a good day when Jerry Wilkins of Custom Kitchens calls me up. I first heard about this project last fall, while I was in Phoenix having lunch with a photographer friend of mine. Jerry called me to tell me that they had won Grand Prize, All Categories in the Norcal Remmies (with my photos!) And he mentioned a massive kitchen remodel that they were doing over the winter. more photos, and some technique, after the jump!

Master Bath by Custom Kitchens

A few weeks ago I was in Alameda, California, shooting a small project with Joy Wilkins of Custom Kitchens. A remodeled master bath, along with a second bathroom, and a fireplace with an adjoining built-in desk, kept us busy for several hours. Some of you will remember the orchids, above, from this post.

The Remmies Are In!

Yeah, Baby!

Back on November 11th,  my lunch was interrupted by a call from Jerry Wilkins, of Custom Kitchens. He was letting me know that he had (the night before) accepted the Grand Prize, All Categories, at the 2011 Remmies with a project I photographed. This marks the second consecutive year that my photographs were part of the presentation that ultimately won Grand Prize — last year it was this project with McCutcheon Construction.

Congratulations to Jerry and the entire team at Custom Kitchens! This was a HUGE project, which was fraught by red tape and countless obstacles – Jerry and the crew perservered and ultimately created a real work of art….Arts & Crafts, actually….that was a pleasure to photograph. This project is now off to the Nationals…which are announced in April. Wish us luck!

Click Here to view the entire set of photos!

Oakland Magazine

A few months ago I shot a beautiful Arts and Crafts remodel on the island of Alameda, in the San Francisco Bay. (You can read about that one HERE, and HERE.) These are also being entered in the 2011 Remmies, so we’ve got our fingers crossed here at Scott Hargis Photo World Headquarters.

This month those photos were published in Oakland Magazine, in an article featuring my client: Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins. I recently shot some more of Custom Kitchens’ work, and Jerry tells me that they’ve got an utterly amazing project coming up before the end of the year…..I can’t wait!

Congrats, Wilkins!

Twilights with Custom Kitchens

Last winter I shot the interiors of this whole-house remodel for Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins (Arts & Crafts Happiness, November 2010) . More Photos and write-up after the jump

Arts & Crafts Happiness

This house was lifted off the foundation, moved to one side, essentially gutted, then rebuilt and set back in place, by Custom Kitchens of Oakland. Owner Jerry Wilkins and designer Linda McKenna really did a job on this one, even to the point of having cabinetry built to spec in Texas and then assembled on-site.

more images after the jump

Arts & Crafts Happiness

This house was lifted off the foundation, moved to one side, essentially gutted, then rebuilt and set back in place, by Custom Kitchens of Oakland. Owner Jerry Wilkins and designer Linda McKenna really did a job on this one, even to the point of having cabinetry built to spec in Texas and then assembled on-site.

more images after the jump