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Design Award Winners Announced – Photography Counts!

Remodeling Magazine announced the 2014 Design Award winners last week and I’m pleased to see that the building Lab remodel of an historic Eichler home is the Grand Prize winner! Congrats to Stephen and the team at building Lab!


Note this is not the Regionals (where I have a 5-year streak of photographing winning projects) but the Nationals…this is the big leagues! In addition to a Grand Prize, there are 17 “Merit Awards” given, and building Lab garnered one of those too, again with my photographs. Not a bad day when more than 10% of a national award roster is mine!


It’s important to note that the awards are for the design work, and not specifically the photography. Still, it’s hard to tell the story of great design without compelling and insightful photography. I’m granting myself a pat on the back today.

And now…..the photos:



First Prize!


The photo above was just sent to me by my client Building Lab, along with a note explaining that they won First Prize (Residential, $100k – $250k) in last years “Remmie” awards, with a project I photographed! Congrats to the incredibly talented folks over at BL, especially Stephen Shoup, and Hide Kawato!

The Remmies are the annual NARI contest, but sadly, the San Francisco NARI chapter’s website is pretty sorry, so almost no one knows about the awards or who wins (the last time they updated the awards section was 2010). Note to sfbanari.org: The Internet can be a very powerful tool. You should check it out.

Snarkiness aside, NARI is a good organization and I’m especially pleased to have photographed the First Prize winning project for three consecutive years. I wonder which of my projects this year will be the winner?  😀

Here’s a photo from the Building Lab’s First Prize winning project:


…and the Winners are…..

You people are insane.

A few weeks ago, in anticipation of of the launch of our Lighting For Real Estate Photography video series, photographer Malia  Campbell and I decided to hold a contest to give away 5 free subscriptions to the series. We figured there must be 5 photographers out there who were worthy, and this would be a good way to find them, and have a good time.

The results are, well…..a hoot. Without further ado, here’s the winning roster, in no particular order: See the winners, and watch the videos, after the jump!

McCutcheon Construction Wins Again!

A few months ago I had the pleasure of announcing that this kitchen remodel, which I shot over a year ago for McCutcheon Construction, had won 5th place in the CaesarStone Kitchen Design contest, and was subsequently featured in Women’s Day Kitchen & Bath.

Today, I’m happy to boast that this project has won Grand Prize in the Bay Area Remmies! In addition to Grand Prize, it also took First Prize for Residential Interior (over $100,000).

Jan McCutcheon holds the plaque!

Best part: Feedback from the judges specifically mentioned that the photography was part of what they liked about the project…..aw, shucks, folks! (scuffs feet)

I’m told that we’re now off to the Nationals……judging is in April 2011, I’ll update then!

Here’s a few more from that project. Congrat’s to Mike, Jan, and the team at McCutcheon!

McCutcheon Construction Wins Contest, Published in Women’s Day K and B

It was almost 10 months ago that I shot a spectacular kitchen and bath remodel in Oakland California for McCutcheon Construction. It was a great project and I got to work with Rochelle Silberman, (then) the head designer at McCutcheon. Rochelle was very hands-on during the construction and knew the project literally inside and out. We made some terrific photos that day, and McCutcheon went on to win 5th place with my photos in the CaesarStone Kitchen Design contest. The image above was designed with a print ad in mind, with plenty of space for text in the upper right corner.

The kitchen was completely re-designed by Rochelle, moving appliances and replacing everything from floor to ceiling. Locally made bamboo cabinets were matched with a linear-patterned glass tile backsplash. The warm-toned horizontal lines were broken only by the clean white of the CaesarStone countertop. Lots of attention to detail here, with electrical outlets hidden in the underside of the cabinets to preserve the unbroken lines of the backsplash, some snazzy cabinetry design, and flawless transitions from one material to another.

Following the contest win, the project was published in Women’s Day Kitchen and Bath, as part of a before-and-after “Style Updates” article.

Congrats to McCutcheon, and below are a couple more images from the project!