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San Francisco Bay Bridge – Art Print

These are a few of the (Oakland) Bay Bridge photos available as fine art prints from my website. Most of what you’re seeing is already gone, and the rest is going fast as they dismantle the old bridge. The process is opening up amazing views of the Port of Oakland – I think people are going to be very pleasantly surprised at what they can see as they enter the city!

Los Altos Traditional, by Brownhouse Design


I loved this scene from the moment I first scouted this shoot. The mirrored grid pattern of the floor/ceiling, the arched doorways, and the swirling swooping sweeping curve of the staircase make for a very dynamic composition! We used blackout cloth to kill the daylight coming in from camera left, and re-lit the stairs from above with continuous light “boomed” out over the risers. Strobes in the adjoining spaces maintain good color and draw the eye into the living room.

More design happiness from Julie Brown, principal of Brownhouse Design. Here’s a Los Altos Traditional done by Julie and her team that we photographed back in May. Built by Matt Komo at MJK Homes, this place was TIGHT.


Other than removing some electrical outlets, this is straight out of the camera. We more or less emptied the lighting cases for this shot! But the real challenge of a complex space like this is the styling.

More photos, and behind-the-scenes, click here!

Doha Qatar: Under Construction


It seems as if the entire city of Doha is under construction…..as is my upcoming post about my recent trip there. Cool architecture, a great workshop with some excellent photographers, and the SuperMoon…coming up soon.

Horizon Beverage by ARCO Beverage Group


Some projects take longer to complete than others. I first spoke with Arco Beverage Group in St. Louis almost a year ago about shooting a new distribution center for Horizon Beverage here in Oakland, and it was only in December that we wrapped on the last shots!

There was a lot of juggling to pull the various aspects of the project together, but we got it done! lots of photos, and write-up, after the jump!