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The Business of Architectural Photography

Heads up — I’m participating in an ASMP-sponsored panel discussion on The Business of Architectural & Interiors photography next Tuesday, April 26th, in Oakland:


Some pretty great photographers are on the panel with me — hope to see you there!

Dripping with Success

One of the most successful marketing tools I use is the repetitive, or “drip” email campaign. I mentioned it here, and since today I picked up a new client as a direct result of it, I thought I’d spell it out for you in detail.

This is not an in-your-face kind of marketing campaign. I don’t put flashing lights, flames, and “BUY NOW!!” banners in it. Beyond asking people to look at my portfolio, there isn’t even an “action item”. The only purpose of the email(s) is to create name recognition, to plant a seed that (hopefully) will germinate when conditions are right.

Many of my clients are not professional photo buyers. They would have a hard time sourcing a photographer if they didn’t have a referral from someone. In some cases, they’re placing ads on Craigslist for lack of a better idea! By sending them my “drip” emails, I’m planting that seed, so that when the day comes that they’re ready, they’ll know exactly who they’re gonna call.

“You know,” they’ll say. “That guy, the one that sends the emails.” read more after the jump

Stone Soup

freelanceAnother in a series I’m writing to address questions I get asked a lot. This is a long one, so get a beer and settle in. For those who have asked me how I got started, this is the post you want.

Building a successful Real Estate Photography Business

Starting a photography business from scratch is tough. It’s hard to avoid the classic chicken-or-egg conundrum. You need to get real-life experience to build a portfolio, but you can’t get a job because you don’t already have a portfolio. Catch-22. And it’s easy to waste a lot of time paralyzed and feeling like you simply can’t get a break.

Here’s where the secret weapon comes in:
It’s called bluffing. Some people call it “Act like a winner, you’ll become a winner,” but I prefer a good old-fashioned bluff. Read more after the Jump