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In Front of the Scenes Episode 1

Behind the Scenes Video

A few weeks ago, my longtime Photo Assistant Alan Vance brought some video equipment along and filmed me during an interior design shoot with Bleu Leman Design (Diane Leifer). He cut together this video showing the messy, weird, painstaking path we tread on our way to a finished shot.

Enjoy! And thanks Diane Leifer for agreeing to appear in this — and to Alan Vance for shooting and editing!

Last Night


Behind The Scenes


A few weeks ago, I posted the photo above with the caption “We’re going to move some furniture on this one…”

A lot of people wanted to see what we ended up with , so I’m posting it below. The great Arnold Newman said, “Photography is 1% talent, and 99% moving furniture,” and when it comes to architectural work, truer words have never been spoken! We move furniture on every shot we make. Sometimes it’s extreme, like above, sometimes it’s minor, but I’d be hard pressed to remember a shot where something didn’t get moved. Furniture arrangements that are symmetrical and common-sense in “real life” often look really weird from the camera’s two-dimensional perspective, so we move things into positions that make no sense at all to those of us with bifocal vision, but which make perfect sense to the camera. Often, we’re scouring the surroundings for props to fill in a room that’s not really looking quite right. Other times, it’s a matter of removing the majority of the crap that’s filtering out our beautiful photo

So, click the link to see the room as I arranged it. Which reminds me, I still have an outstanding $50 bet as to whether the management ultimately adopted my floor plan! Click for lots of photos…



Well…technically this was yesterday. Jonah stretches a window scrim as Siraj watches for wrinkles. On location with Brownhouse Design in Los Altos!

iPhone Photo(s) of the Day

On location in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, with Muratore Corp.

Photo by Alan Vance

Above: composing the shot by the reflected view of the Live View screen, in the bathroom mirror. Camera is about 2 inches from the surface of the mirror. Operating the shift and rotation ring backwards was….tricky.

Photo by Alan Vance

Leveling the camera. With the center post tilted back, the usual pan/tilt/rise knobs on the tripod head no longer work as usual. Any camera move required a combination of two or more axes of motion.

Lower leg of the tripod is in a Bogen superclamp mounted on top of the short lightstand.  Pendant lamps are flagged off with cinefoil so they don’t reflect in the glass of the shower stall, visible behind me. Couldn’t just turn them off because they were on the same circuit with other lights that we needed on.



A few weeks ago I got a call from Morgan Smith, founder of Cogent Legal. I’m always glad when Morgan calls, because it means I’ll be shooting something very different, and very interesting.  This time, it was staff portraits and images for their web design team to use.

The last thing they wanted was a “Sears-portrait” type of setup, with a cloudy blue backdrop and a bunch of stiff-looking people. Cogent is a VERY cool place to work, and it’s staffed by a group of incredibly talented and cool people. So we went with environmental portraits, and we gave each one a slightly different look.

It was a great time – and many thanks to Morgan, Sarah, and the staff! Thanks also to PA’s Alan Vance and Kate Carboneau!

Behind The Scenes with Malia Campbell Photography

I’m heading into a brutal shoot sked this weekend which (hopefully) will mark the end of shooting on a long-term project. A couple of weeks ago my friend and colleague Quentin Bacon dropped by the set to shoot some BTS footage.

Before you ask:  I’m not sayin’……yet.

Maybe next week.