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The past two weeks have been an absolute blur. In addition to a steady, calendar-clogging flow of “average” gigs, I’ve seen a string of “trophy” projects coming my way. As one of my favorite clients likes to say, “They’re stacked up like airplanes at JFK!” Bringing them all in for smooth landings has meant working 14 days straight, and a lot of late nights and early mornings (as in, go to bed at midnight, get up at 4:30).

But, they’ve been pretty cool projects, representing some of the top residential properties in San Francisco and the East Bay, including a $12.9 million bit of kick-ass architecture. That one, a turn of the (last) century knockout, had just been remodeled and was staged by Green Couch to within an inch of it’s life — this place looked GREAT. Photos should be un-embargoed soon, I’m sure a couple will make their way to this blog, along with some highlights from the other projects I’ve been shooting.

I’ll leave you with this little story, that occurred while shooting in the Berkeley Hills:

HOMEOWNER: “Do you ever shoot, uh, Nature?”

SCOTT: (mumbling) “Uh, sure, sometimes, personal stuff, umm…”

HOMEOWNER: “Because there’s something interesting happening outside right now.”

SCOTT: “Uh, Ok.” (follows homeowner outside.) The backyard is literally filled with the homeowner’s honeybees, which have chosen this moment to swarm. The air is thick with bees, the poor dog is cowering by the back door, whimpering. Many years ago I was a professional beekeeper (it’s true) so I knew there was no danger, but I decided maybe it would be best to shoot the back yard a little later….

Afterwards, I did get a shot of the bees, once the queen had landed and the workers had formed a protective ball around her.

Later that night, the homeowner captured them in a new hive, and no doubt they’re now busily making honey!