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November Workshop Recap – Chapter One: Australia

Seven days of flying makes one weak.

Added up, as best as I can put it all together, I spent about 150 hours either airborne or in airports last month. Add to that the taxis, shuttle buses, and whatnot and I’m starting to feel like George Clooney’s character in Up In the Air!

Worth it, though. I spent a few days living in an apartment on the Indian Ocean, just outside Perth, where I taught two days of workshops with Open2Viewphotographers from throughout Western Australia (a lively bunch, those). Qantas lost my equipment, and things were looking pretty grim when I showed up on day one with just my camera and laptop, no lights. But I then discovered that they (Qantas) had delivered my Pelicans to the workshop house literally ten minutes before I arrived! Good grief! That’s just cutting things a little too close.

I have to say it was a gratifying 2 days; and I’m beyond disappointed that I didn’t get a group photo on either day! We shot a great two-story duplex right on the beach, and had pretty awesome weather – here are a couple of shots we made:

Before leaving Perth, I was served this delicious plate:

Yep. That’s grilled Kangaroo. Those cute little things taste good!


From Perth, I caught a flight to Melbourne (pronounced, “MEL-been”, by the way) where I was twice mocked by the cocktail waitresses who found my Aussie accent somehow less than convincing. I can’t understand it, I’ve been studying and practicing for a while now and I think I’m fair dinkum….those Aussie sheilas just don’t know a good accent when they hear one. No, seriously.

In Melbourne, I shot (and taught in) a pair of outstanding houses by Dennis Family Homes. These models, which were literally next door to each other, were among the best venues I’ve ever taught in. Not too easy to shoot, but not too hard, either, and with plenty of weird little challenging things to overcome. I had a killer group of freelancers to work with, and we made some pretty darned awesome photos – and I got a group shot made each day, too! Check ’em out:

And a few shots from the houses themselves……

All in all, another killer Australian trip. So far I’ve taught in Brissie, Perth, and Melbourne…..Sydney? Sydney? Hello? We need to talk.

Stay tuned…….Next up: Norway!