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New Work from Scott Hargis Photo

It’s been a shocking six months since I last collected a portfolio of recent work, so it was hard to do — there’s been lots of good stuff in front of my camera.  Click the image above to see the whole gallery, and don’t miss the new Interiors gallery, while you’re there.

As always, many thanks to my awesome clients, including:
Handel Architects  •  Bayon Design Studio  •  Dijeau Poage Construction  •  Studio Becker  •  Martinkovic Milford Architects  •  Ken Baxter Construction  •  Allis, Inc.  •  Trumark Urban  •  Pacific Polaris •  building Lab  •  Atria Senior Living

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Piedmont Traditional by Koch Neve Design


Almost a year ago I shot this sweet traditional residence in Piedmont California with Jeffrey Neve and Elaine Koch of Koch Neve Design. And we were pleased to be selected for the cover (and 4-page feature opening with a double-truck) of the August-September issue of Gentry Magazine.
Here’s the full set of photos:

And a couple of BTS shots, including the cover shot, which despite it’s “simple” appearance was hella-involved!:



San Francisco Workshop Recap

PFRE_SF_03Berkeley workshop, to be perfectly accurate, as we changed venues at the last minute to take advantage of a terrific bit of new construction by one of my favorite and longest-term clients, Dogtown Development. Designed by award-winning architect Matt Baran (also my client), this place was outstanding, with plenty of lines and angles, and just challenging enough to keep everyone on their toes.

We built the shot above towards the end of the first day, and liked it so much that we decided to step in and make a group photo out of it! More write-up, and LOTS of photos, click here!

Correcting Verticals — Redux

Back in ’09, I was doing a LOT of coaching, working with other photographers to improve their images. I had just wrapped up a string of workshops across the US, and I was about to begin recording seven Online Portfolio Review videos.

And the single most common issue with the beginning photographers I was talking with was verticals. So I recorded a quick tutorial explaining the issue, and showing the Photoshop techniques I was using to correct converging verticals in my photos. Back then I was using Photoshop CS3, and Lightroom 2.x. I was vastly unimpressed with the “Lens Correction Filter” in Photoshop, and Lightroom didn’t address lens corrections and transforms in a serious way at all.

That video went sort of viral, and remains one of the most viewed posts on this blog to this day.

BUT — things have changed. Lightroom 3.0 came out, and with it came much more robust lens corrections tools (a new version of Adobe Camera RAW contained the same tools). These days, many of my images never leave Lightroom, and I rarely resort to the Photoshop transform tools that I featured in the first “Correcting Verticals” video.

So, without further ado — here’s the 2011 version! This is what I’m doing on images that have converging verticals, rotation, and the inherent curvilinear and anamorphic distortion that’s inherent in even the best lenses. Hit the comments with feedback and your own methods!