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Happy Friday, everyone!

Horizon Beverage by ARCO Beverage Group


Some projects take longer to complete than others. I first spoke with Arco Beverage Group in St. Louis almost a year ago about shooting a new distribution center for Horizon Beverage here in Oakland, and it was only in December that we wrapped on the last shots!

There was a lot of juggling to pull the various aspects of the project together, but we got it done! lots of photos, and write-up, after the jump!

Aerial SF

It’s hard not to gloat a little over the prospect of being paid to do shoots like this. This is fun stuff, no two ways about it.

And I totally lucked out with the weather. Our first attempt last week was completely fogged out, so we hit all of our East Bay waypoints (shooting through some nasty haze) and postponed all of the San Francisco stuff for another day. That day was yesterday, and I nearly cancelled the flight because the weather in Hayward (where the flight originated) was so crappy, and deteriorating. But the Golden Gate was getting the light that photographers dream about!

“Don’t try this at home, kids,” said Rick Cascelli (the pilot), as we skimmed alarmingly close to the Marin Headlands for this shot.

Another dozen photos, after the jump!

Being a PA Can Be Stressful

I should probably pay her more….

Before Take-Off.

After Take-Off.