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Golden Gate Awesome-ness


Living in the Bay Area means you deal with a lot of bridges. And I don’t mean little ones like in Chicago; out here we have Bridges! Everyone’s favorite is the Golden Gate, and over the years I’ve made my share of GG photos. Here’s a sampling of my favorites!


Golden_Gate_Bridge_ 2

Last October, actually, but screw it, it’s my blog. Finally got a decent film scanner and I’ve been busily scanning transparencies going back years. This was shot on my Sinar 4×5, using Fuji Provia. Maybe a 45-second exposure. Was great to finally see this picture! Color negatives are just not satisfying to look at…



Well, Friday to be completely accurate. My friend Mike Kelley came up and we spent the day goofing around shooting large format B&W. I made this shot using some 20-year-old Plus-X film that’s obviously been light contaminated….but I think it’s the best shot I made all day!

iPhone Photos of the Day

Shooting more 4×5 today!photo copy 2