Sydney Workshop Recap


On the last day of May, I traveled to Sydney, to work with photographers at Campaigntrack, an Australian marketing firm specializing in real estate. We shot for 4 days, in 6 different houses ranging from the big and beautiful (see lead image, above) to the small and ordinary.

Campaigntrack was looking for a way to differentiate themselves and create a more upscale, sophisticated image that would stand out from the typical Aussie real estate photo. As they saw it, composition and styling were key components that they could work on…and I agreed. Usually, when I teach real estate photography, it’s all about lighting technique, so this was a terrific chance for me to focus entirely on composition and the “feel” of a photo — two things that are at least as important but which often get short shrift.

Having a variety of houses to work in was great, too – we got to play around in a gorgeous country villa, but we also spent time in houses that are much more typical. Campaigntrack photographers aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and move furniture, and frankly I was a bit shocked at the lengths they’re willing to go to make a room show at it’s best. We did 3 shoots a day, punctuated by one-hour sessions in a conference room dissecting the images on the big screen, and reviewing existing Campaigntrack work as well as that of their competitors.

And, like every time I’ve visited Oz, I was treated to an overwhelming display of hospitality. Thanks to Paul Gal, Nolan Metcalf, Tim Dean, Jori Scobie, and the entire CT team of photographers, videographers, copywriters, retouchers, and stuffidontevenknowabout!

Here are a few highlights from the week — thanks much to Nolan Metcalf for the behind-the-scenes photos!

4 responses to “Sydney Workshop Recap

  1. beautiful image. beautiful room. wish my properties looked like that. 🙂

  2. Great photos – and oh, what a joy to shoot various homes, isn’t it? I’ve been shooting Real Estate in Toronto, ON for almost 50 years, and am still like a kid in a candy shop each time! I shoot in HDR without lights at all other than what’s there. And I tell my clients, I shoot what I feel – not what I see. Seems to be working. I have a wonderful group of clients for whom I do a great variety of properties. I envy you to spend a number of days with other photographers!!

  3. Scott, thanks for sharing—looks like a really fun time! You’ve been a major inspiration and help to me as I get started in the real estate photography business.

    I loved your Essential Guide to Lighting Interiors. Already being a speedlight-based portrait photographer, I’ve found it very intuitive to start working with the techniques you outlined in that eBook. Keep the great content coming!

  4. A workshop that not only concentrates on lightning, but also on styling and composing. THAT would be awesome! I agree, the Essential Guide to Lightning Interior as well as the lynda video series by Scott are a great inspiration!

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