Suburban Estate by Bayon Design Studio


Anytime I can work with Cindy Bayon and Heather Menegat from Bayon Design Studio it’s going to be a good day, and I know we’re going to make some great photos. Last summer we shot this (almost) new construction in Atherton, California, and the trend held — this is great design, and with Heather’s un-beatable touch for styling and creativity, we got some terrific photos (at least, I like ’em!).

My favorite part of the house was the chain-mail hall table. Weighing in at around 400lbs (about 180kg) that’s a lot of steel, and required more than just your average shelf support. This (along with much of the house) was Heather’s design, and we had a good time photographing it. Another of Heather’s design elements was the abstract wall graphic in the upstairs gym.

We’re just out of post-production on yet another Bayon Design project, and there are more lined up for the first half of 2016….so stay tuned!




3 responses to “Suburban Estate by Bayon Design Studio

  1. Holy chainmail! I’ve never seen it used in interior decorating before. Is it to protect against land-shark bites?

  2. Scott you are soooo good. Roll on 2016 and cannot wait to see what you have on the cards for the new year. H.

  3. Looking forward to seeing more of your collaborations with Cindy. Best, Vic

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