Sausalito Residence by William Anderson Interiors

 One last project to finish out the year!

A few short weeks ago I spent a morning in Sausalito, California, with William Anderson Interiors, shooting a residential project they completed earlier in the year.

I loved the muted warm colors, and the way the shapes and themes followed through this main room! We shot a bedroom, two living room views, a wide establishing shot of the whole main floor, and a dining room view. Not bad for a half day!

Happy New Year….exciting stuff coming for 2012!

8 responses to “Sausalito Residence by William Anderson Interiors

  1. Beautiful work – both the design and the photography!

    • Sorry – this comment is by – didn’t realize it would post as Carolinawandering since I was on his computer.
      Still … lovely work and I enjoy Scott Hargis’ photography a great deal!

  2. These images are superb for a wonderful interior. As an agent, wish we had this type of look we could sell. Make the whole process of marketing a property super easy. Great job all round

  3. Beautiful. Scott, correct me if I’m wrong, but for this interior design client are these shots more like architectural than real estate, i.e., closer rather than wide and some ambiance in the lighting?

  4. Beautiful homes and terrific photography as usual. Your book is on my list. To be paid for without any bitching and moaning about the price either. F pirates. 🙂

  5. My father always talked about Sausalito as being a sleepy little fishing town. Things have changed. It looks like the old light case was empty for that 5th image! U da Master!

  6. Scott, these are beautiful photos. I did’t know you were giving workshops across the USA – Canada. Excellent idea.!!

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