San Francisco Workshop Recap

PFRE_SF_03Berkeley workshop, to be perfectly accurate, as we changed venues at the last minute to take advantage of a terrific bit of new construction by one of my favorite and longest-term clients, Dogtown Development. Designed by award-winning architect Matt Baran (also my client), this place was outstanding, with plenty of lines and angles, and just challenging enough to keep everyone on their toes.

We built the shot above towards the end of the first day, and liked it so much that we decided to step in and make a group photo out of it!


This was a fun weekend. Things got started with Malia Campbell’s property filmmaking workshop on Friday, which by all accounts was a huge hit. Malia and her group of 5 spent one day shooting, and the second day (Saturday) in the editing lab cutting together some awesome videos of this space. Here’s Malia’s:

Friday night was a group dinner with surprise guest Mike Kelley. All the video people were still a little giddy (not sure what went on in that house during the day…but apparently it was hilarious.) I’ve seen one or two student videos, and they’re amazing — as soon as someone coughs up permission I’m posting them here.


Saturday we got started with Stills — we spent a portion of the morning going over basics and reviewing some quick-and-dirty techniques that can get you in and out in a hurry, but since the group was well prepared we moved quickly into some of the more advanced material. Pretty soon there were some killer photos appearing on the backs of cameras!

Sunday was a repeat with fresh faces, and we did a variation on the group photo:


Below are some behind-the-scenes (thanks, Alan Vance!), and a few “beauty” shots we produced over the weekend. Stay tuned: the Atlanta workshop at the end of February is shaping up to be one of the best EVER. Exciting stuff coming up….











Apparently I was making a BIG point.



Courtesy Rich Baum

There are still spaces left for Atlanta. More about that HERE.

5 responses to “San Francisco Workshop Recap

  1. Scott, If you are ever thinking of having a workshop in Chicago I would be happy to sign up!
    -Paul N.

  2. I’m with you Paul!

    Scott, I’ve asked before…what would it take to get you to do a workshop here in the midwest? I do work for several builders in the area and feel confident that I could have a home available to use.


  3. Kerry, Paul,
    The last workshop on the horizon is the Atlanta one at the end of February…once the shooting season starts it’s very hard to do much of anything else.

  4. How about next year? I would go to Chgo. in a heartbeat.

  5. Thanks again Scott and Malia for everything! Although I was focused more on the video I still brought home some quick-and-dirty tips from the lighting/photo workshop that I’ve used on every shoot. I can honestly say that I only had about 15 minutes of frustration (but no tears) before I pulled my self together and moved on. I’m sure our paths will cross again in the future. Cheers!

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