San Francisco Remodel by Regan Baker Design


Here’s a terrific project from my friends at Regan Baker Design, in San Francisco. We spent a couple of days here with Regan and her team — here are the highlights!

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  1. I like how every angle has unique styling even if some of the furniture overlaps from image to image. Is that usually your choice, your client’s choice, or somewhere in between?

    • Thanks! I’m pretty hands-on with styling, except when I’m working with someone who’s really talented, which was the case here. The needs of the individual photo come first, but you want the whole set to hold together, so you can’t just depart completely from whatever theme you’ve set.

  2. Beautiful space, and beautifully photographed. Scott, I’ve followed you for some time now and have really enjoyed your book and video series. I noticed from photos on your blog that you have an ever growing collection of hot lights. How do you balance the hot lights with the daylight from the windows? I assume you’re gelling them. Also, I would love for you to do an advanced book or video series. Thank you for sharing so much with us. You’ve influenced the work of so many photographers including my own. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks, Jeff. Re: hotlights…I try not to gel them, they’re a little bit of a pita to attach gels to (you have to use the ones made for the film industry, the “ordinary” ones melt) and besides, they’re hot to handle! But we do sometimes clip a blue gel over them to cool them down. In many cases, though, extra warmth looks good, especially on wood grain.

  3. Hey Scott, I don’t see a throw in the kids playroom. What happened? ;-).

  4. The staging in the kids room 1point is so perfect. I love it!

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