San Francisco HighRise by Muratore

I first became acquainted with Muratore when I was shooting last fall for MB Jessee, capturing Matt’s outstanding venetian plaster work in a newly finished residence. I was impressed with their work, and when I got a call from designer Cindy Bayon to shoot two more units in the same building (San Francisco’s Millenium Tower), I jumped.

We shot through two days and got some killer stuff. The Millenium Tower is a premium address, and the typical resident likes a “certain style”, so there’s no lack of great material to work with! Cindy was awesome to work with, and it took no small amount of coordination to make everything happen. In addition to working with 2 homeowners for access, I was making images for not only Muratore, but also MB Jessee, and Vantage/BTicino, as well. Not everyone’s needs overlapped, but everyone got what they were looking for, and I’m thinking that one or two of these will find their way into my portfolio… I’m calling this one a win.

Caught a slight break in the torrential rain to capture this bridge view. Most of the day we couldn't see the bridge at all. 57 floors up, you're in the clouds sometimes.

4 responses to “San Francisco HighRise by Muratore

  1. Brilliant work, Scott. The vertical comp of the kitchen with armchairs in the foreground is a real stand-out. Must have been a very exciting shoot!

  2. Fantastic work. Really shows off the quality of the design and decor.

  3. I believe you have more than one image for your portfolio. Beautilful work!

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