Remmies: Part One

The deadline for entry in this years’ Remmies competition was September 7th, which meant that I was a busy guy in early September. For two years running, projects that I photographed have walked away with the Grand Prize in this NorCal NARI event. I’m hoping for a hat trick — and some of the stuff I shot this year should certainly be contenders!

This kitchen remodel is one of them. Designed and built by Custom Kitchens, it’s a really nice job. The style is totally true to the architecture of the house, but designer Joy Wilkins make the space completely up-to-date. There was a lot of complicated, tricky building stuff that enabled certain walls to come out and that sort of thing, and the contest entry will include “before” and “during” photos to document what they did. My job was to make the beauty shots of the finished product.

As part of the same, long day, we also shot a master bath suite across town, another Custom Kitchens job:

We’d been in this house before. But now we wanted to document this bathroom and adjoining closet. This is a real mix of new and existing stuff; one of the things Custom Kitchens does well is retaining the best of what’s there, and integrating it into the new design.

We’ll find out how this project does when the winners are announced in November!

7 responses to “Remmies: Part One

  1. those kitchen shots are off the hook, yo – the dog as well! Ace

  2. Best of luck! How did you get the dog to pose for you?

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