Portfolio Review, Chapter Two: Down Under

Down Under, Part One, actually.

I decided to try doing only one portfolio this time, in an effort to keep the total time down to something more manageable. This one came out at 35 minutes, still a little long but I’m working on it!

This time we travel to Australia’s Sunshine Coast, to review a resort-and-real-estate photographer’s site.  Next up: “Down Under, Part Two” — we’ll be heading over to Adelaide. Stay tuned for that one.

Couple of notes:

  • I’m not linking to websites, and I’m not putting anyone’s name in print, to avoid any accidental Googling by potential clients (protecting the guilty, in other words). If you’re going to cross-post this, please follow suit.
  • Plenty of people could disagree about the comments I make – it’s just my impressions, recorded in real time. I try not to censor myself, but I also try not to be gratuitously scathing, either. At one point in tonight’s chapter, I started laughing — but it was the ROOM, not the photography, that had me going.
  • If you’d like to be featured on this series, send me an email with a link, and a quick note with some background about yourself, your shooting style, and your goals, and I’ll add you to the list.

With no more ado — here’s Chapter Two. Enjoy!

10 responses to “Portfolio Review, Chapter Two: Down Under

  1. Say “wet spot” again! Do it!

  2. But stop saying “down undah”!!

  3. That’s wicked, I laughed so much!

    Thanks for the justified critique, your eye for detail is amazing. It’s so helpful to hear what exactly is wrong with the photo, not just that it looks “off”. I’ll be happy to purchase you beers and/or martinis whenever you get to Brisbane.

    Just a few points here: the only hotel was the bedroom interior. The resort-style pools and stuff, that’s just how we live here in Brissie! Those are our inner-city apartment buildings.

    And most importantly, thanks for pointing out our email’s not working! I’ve been suspecting something of sorts, but apparently it only blocks some email addresses. That explains why all test-emails come through.

    Once again, thanks for giving us superb feedback on the website. It’s only been up for a month or so.



    • “…that’s just how we live here in Brissie! Those are our inner-city apartment buildings. “

      Oh. I see.

      I’ll have to send you a few shots of Oakland’s inner-city. Looks just like yours. Yeah.

      Glad you got something out of this! And thanks!

  4. Great vid Scott. Entertaining and instructive. Half hour is good. Fast, efficient, to the point. Just like your work style, I suspect. Really nice. Keep it up.

  5. Awesome job Scott! I think this is a wonderful teaching method and you do it well. It’s a great way for photographers improve their portfolio and raise the level of their work. I think 30 minutes is a perfect length… very detailed but not to long.

  6. Thanks, all. Feedback is encouraged. Chapter Two, Part Deux, coming soon….

  7. Scott,

    Your series of site reviews are a great thing for other photographers. It is very difficult to look at ones on work and have an open mind of what’s good, or not.

    I enjoy the fact that you don’t only talk about the site itself, but look at the “big picture” as in what the collection of image says about the photographer as a whole to a potential client.

    You are honest about issues that you see, but you also offer solutions to remedy those problem.

    You offer all of us in the profession an opportunity to stop, look, and reflect on what we can do better and how every day there is much still to learn.

    I really enjoy your blog and certainly will keep following it!


  8. Thanks for a great critique, Scott. I particularly enjoyed your insights as to how the web site functions, since I also use Smugmug (but the link is temporarily not working as I try to straighten out some DNS issues). As you suggested to Trent, I turned off the “thumbs up-thumbs-down” and disabled the comments. I’m now going through and deleting all of the photos that aren’t “perfect” and modifying others. I’m also implementing password protection to prevent anyone from accessing the individual collections.

    I think your suggestions will really improve my online portfolio …thanks!

  9. Well done, Scott! Good review of the site. You provided some helpful tips that I can apply to my own site as well. Thanks!

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