Piedmont Traditional by Koch Neve Design


Almost a year ago I shot this sweet traditional residence in Piedmont California with Jeffrey Neve and Elaine Koch of Koch Neve Design. And we were pleased to be selected for the cover (and 4-page feature opening with a double-truck) of the August-September issue of Gentry Magazine.
Here’s the full set of photos:

And a couple of BTS shots, including the cover shot, which despite it’s “simple” appearance was hella-involved!:



4 responses to “Piedmont Traditional by Koch Neve Design

  1. Hi Scott, I want to say thank you for sharing your wisdom. I got your ebook Lighting Interiors and its a awesome, fun and loaded with tricks. I’m starting to learn all about Real Estate and Architecture, I love your work and its a pleasure learning with one of the Master!

    Thank you 🙂


  2. Scott – The Century Home cover shot is Gorgeous! It’s fascinating to see your lighting set-up, but also mystifying … What is the V-Flat doing? And that light on the floor … What’s that for? Really lost here! Thanks so much, Vic

  3. Everything is about establishing a particular quality of light. We use all sorts of things to bounce, block, reflect, diffuse, and “harden” the light depending on what we’re trying to achieve.
    The light on the floor is pointed directly at the area it’s lighting, so that one’s pretty straightforward.

  4. Hi Scott,

    I can’t figure out what the light on the stand upon which the v-flat is balancing is doing…are you using it to bounce a bit of soft fill off of the light colored carpet?
    Love when you include these BTS shots.


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