PhotoCamel Interview – Feb 2nd, 2008


Last year I was asked to participate in a “live” online interview over at PhotoCamel. I have to confess that I had never heard of this site before, and was surprised to find that it was highly organized and quite large – looks like a huge resource there, if you aren’t already familiar with it!

Anyway, my interviewer emailed me a list of topics he wanted to cover, and over the course of a couple of hours one evening we went back and forth on a “closed” discussion thread in their Architecture Forum (I told you these people are organized!)

Read the interview HERE. (caution: it’s pretty long.)

It was pretty fun, so I’m linking to it here since it answers a lot of questions I get asked a lot. And holy crap! I just saw that it has almost 29,000 views! wtf?!

One quick anecdote about this — the interview went off pretty smoothly, although I did think there was an unusually long lag time between questions, and as the evening wore on, the “down” time between my answers and Peter’s next question got quite long – so long at one point that another Moderator stepped in and ad-libbed for a few minutes. At the end, Peter “opened” the thread and allowed questions from people who were following the interview in real-time. After maybe 15 minutes, he announced that the Q&A session would end, “because we have to let Scott get back to work” or some such. I was having a great time and was happy to keep going, but no, Peter was adamant, and so we wrapped it up.

Afterwards, I sent him an email thanking him for the interview and letting him know I had enjoyed the experience….and got no reply for several days. “Weird,” I thought. “You’d think he would at least acknowledge my note, he was very polite and on top of things beforehand…”

Little did I know that Peter’s day job is as a Chemical Weapons Inspector for the U.N., and he had climbed onto an airplane minutes after our interview to respond to a crisis in Serbia! And to think, there I was like a 4-year-old, going “Hey! Pay attention to me! Don’t you want to hear more about my light setups?”

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  1. Thanks for sharing Scott – I feel like I’m slowly getting full on all your crumbs of knowledge. Not full yet but it wasn’t that long ago I was starving – metaphorically speaking! 🙂

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