Phoenix Lighting Workshop

As I mentioned last week, I’m stoked to announce two US workshops this summer — Phoenix, Arizona, and Vero Beach, Florida. Phoenix is first up (July 31/August 01) so here’s some more detail on that one. I’ll follow up with some info on Vero Beach later this week.

I’m really glad to be back in a Lennar Corp. model home for this one, and it’s a doozy; about 4900 square feet, so there’ll be plenty of room to spread out and work on technique without being in each other’s way. Check out the floorplan:

Click to enlarge

I’m seeing some great opportunities for multi-room shots, as well as some good, basic, rectangles which are perfect for really nailing down the basics.

Workshop will start at (or about) 8:00am, and runs until 5:00pm – it’s a long day, you’re going to be tired. I’ll be doing some lecture, but more importantly I’ll be doing several “demo” shoots. I’ll put them together step by step, discussing every part of the process, and shooting tethered to a laptop so we can all see and analyze the photos as I build the shot.

But most of the shooting is done by the participants – you’ll want to bring everything with you that you normally bring on a shoot. I’ll give you specific assignments, help you get started, and then leave you for a few minutes to work it out. You shoot; I coach. Each day is limited to 8 students, to make sure you get plenty of attention.

After lunch, it’s more of the same, but with an emphasis on more difficult, more technical photos. Towards the end of the day we’ll build a really tough shot as a group, again shooting tethered, and talking out every step (and also looking at what can go wrong). We’ll wrap up with a Q&A/roundtable, and then head for beer(s) and dinner!

So again: Phoenix is Saturday, July 31, and Sunday August 1 (pick one) — Saturday is already filling up. Registration is HERE.

And if you’re around on Monday the 2nd, come heckle me! I’m speaking at the Arizona PPA monthly meeting in Tempe that night!

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