One For the Bloopers

5 responses to “One For the Bloopers

  1. Ouch, looks like that umbrella just about died!

  2. Thats the drawback of having a tripod with small footprint. I’m still debating between these video and bogen nano tripods. That was funny though 🙂

    • heh – that’s the drawback of crawling out from underneath and having the lightstand hook your leg! That lightstand has always been out to get me.

      Everything was fine (this sort of thing actually happens to me a lot) – but we did have one pretty spectacular flash casualty during the making of the series. Malia got some shots of the aftermath, I’ll have to put those up here!

  3. Scott: It really looks like the umbrella is following you in slow motion.

  4. I just hope you guys don’t edit out all of the bloopers… 🙂

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