Nob Hill Traditional with Muratore Corp


It’s hard to complain when your view of the Transamerica Pyramid is so close you can’t fit the entire tower in the window.  We photographed this traditional high rise condo atop San Francisco’s Nob Hill a few weeks ago, and the images are already up on Muratore’s shiny new website. I love the way Heather prefaces each project with a black-and-white image; I often find myself converting images to B&W while shooting as it helps me focus on the composition and lines, rather than getting distracted by details.

I’m also proud that Muratore’s website is essentially a portfolio of my work; 14 of the 15 projects listed were shot by me!

Here’s a few more from this shoot — enjoy!

3 responses to “Nob Hill Traditional with Muratore Corp

  1. Beautiful work Scott! Congratulations!!

  2. Arrggghh…shooting galley kitchens is the worst! How did you light that one?

    • Oh Geez… all sorts of stuff going on there. You can’t really tell, but at top center is a MIRRORED skylight enclosure, so we had plenty of top-down light. We flagged off a big window directly behind the camera, and then monkeyed around with the under-cabinet lights, gelling them and partially flagging them until they were under control (multiple color temps and brightnesses due to homeowners buying any old tube that fit). There’s some strobe for the rear wall, as well. But mostly this was “subtractive” lighting.

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