Nob Hill (San Francisco) Elegance


More Muratore goodness today, with a project I first scouted last year but only shot last month — high atop San Francisco’s Nob Hill.

Venetian plaster, white oak floors, handsome laminated wood columns, marble floor inlays, and some striking vertical stripes in the kitchen woodwork made this space exciting to shoot — lots to work with!


I was taken with the vertical columns designer Cindy Bayon placed around the entrances to the living room and chose this composition that captures the way they set the tone for all the other elements in the project. This is also our first look (in the photoset) at the inlaid Carrera Marble floor panels.


We followed that shot up with a detail of the marble and the cool baseboard/plaster transition.


Next up: still another detail shot: the radiator covers. Believe it or not, the treatment for the radiators in these (relatively) old buildings is a big deal, because it’s going to be very visible no matter what you do. Muratore went with a strong horizontal line and an eggshell color to set it apart from the overall beige palette of the residence.


With gorgeous late-afternoon light working in our favor (finally!) I was able to make this very calm photo with nothing more than the existing ambient light.


Not forgetting the bath, where Cindy used more (lots more) Carrera marble, and still maintained the earth-tone vertical-line wood aesthetic that prevails throughout the home.



Maybe my favorite shot of the day. We augmented the sunlight by raking our own light in from behind the dining room table. The lamp and flowers in the background have been moved out of position to make sure the shadows on the wall played nicely with the overall composition. Little details like that start to add up on a set of photos.

Back to the main space — and some “Monkey Light” that we were very happy to go with (scroll to the end to find out what “monkey light” is).


We wrapped the day by shooting the kitchen itself. One challenge here was the undulating frosted glass in the upper cabinets. Managing the reflections in that glass so that the waviness was evident without it being distracting took a little work.


Not on the shot list, but I couldn’t resist getting in close with Stylist Heather Menegat’s scrambled-egg props. “They’re the perfect color for this place,” said Heather. As a brown-egg aficianado myself, I couldn’t agree more!

I’ll wrap this with a few BTS shots:


Alan, hard at work.


This was the “Radiator Cover” shot — one light!


Me, crawling around on the floor. A low POV, a long lens, and lots of filtering got us the floor detail in the hallway.


Finally, since you stuck with me this far, let’s get the definition of “Monkey Light” out in the open. Remembering that sweet, sweet light we had in the living room earlier in the evening, “Monkey Light” is the light that makes photographers flap their arms and go, “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!”

See you next time….

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