Nob Hill Condo by Muratore

Yet another fun afternoon with Cindy Bayon, this time in a high-rise atop San Francisco’s Nob Hill, documenting more past work from Muratore. This traditional condo has a to-die-for view of the Golden Gate, Pacific Heights, and The Marina. It also has one of the best collections of original Julius Shulman prints I’ve ever seen. Can you say “pressure”?  🙂

Cindy was after two things: good shots of the millwork, and a set of photos that portrayed the overall ambiance of the place.

And my favorite shot of the day? This tricky little hallway shot:

9 responses to “Nob Hill Condo by Muratore

  1. HOW do you get rid of your reflections. Great shots!!

  2. Did you use exposure blends to normalize the color temperature from the natural light outside to the mostly incandescent in the kitchen?

  3. Great images again Scott, and a super write up. I particularly like the staging that has been done in the apartment – really looks fantastic.
    Interested in how much gear you’d utilise for an apartment like this and how long the shoot would take you ?

  4. Scott. How much HDR do you use? The computer shot is HDR?

  5. @ Bea — The key is to not have the reflections in the first place!

    @ Ian — Nope. This is (mostly) a single exposure. I did a separate shot with a large piece of black cloth blocking the glare on the foreground tabletop, and masked that in. You can see a picture of the glare here:
    For the shot looking into the kitchen, we lowered the blinds, which also warmed up the daylight that still came through. And there was a complicated (and very rickety) assembly of cards and flags and things to block light.

    @ Niall — All the furniture is actually the homeowners’, but Cindy did extensive styling (all the little objects and plates and flowers etc.). I guess no one has noticed that across from the carefully plated sushi is my assistant’s sloppy sub sandwich….complete with a bite taken out!
    It’s a lot of gear:
    We spent probably 7 or 8 hours there, and got 7 photos.

    @ Russ – I don’t do HDR at all.

  6. Great series of photos Scott, keep em coming.

  7. Beautiful images!

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