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When I started shooting interiors, in 2006, I was doing it with a Canon 20D, a couple of Nikon SB-24s, and a homemade, fifty-foot sync cable. Those were the days!

UPDATE:, a photography blog, has itemized the equipment I show, with link:

Thanks, guys! We now return to the original blog post….

These days, the equipment roster has gotten a little bigger. You asked for it, here it is: the new, up-to-date equipment video. I tried to make it quick, but it’s 7 cases of stuff and then some, so get some popcorn and plan to settle in for about 17 minutes.

This is everything I use to create my photos. This gear comes with me on every job, from the little ones to the big ones (I never know what I’m going to need, so it all comes, every time.) We fly with it, drive with it, carry it up flights of stairs. Some jobs, all we use is a single strobe, or a small hotlight. Others, we empty every case and wish we had more.

This video was shot in my studio on a 5dMiii, and a Fuji X-100s. Took me a couple of tries, but I got through it with only one major gaffe and a couple of stutters. Enjoy!


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  1. Awesome! Thank you for sharing! 😉

  2. Very interesting, thanks Scott.

  3. Thank you for the glimpse into your kit. It’s been great to see your business evolve the way it has!

  4. Nice job; thanks Scott!

  5. So which means one needs all these stuffs to make the pictures like you do , and simply not possible with just 2 off camera flash and camera ,lens set up..! Is that correct??

    • Well….I’m not carrying all this stuff for my health! So yes, I need this equipment in order to shoot the way I like to shoot.

  6. “New monolight in my future….” If Mike Kelley has any sway in your decision making, I’d bet Profoto. 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing Scott. Does this mean no Speedlights anymore? Everything with the bigger beasts?

    • Philip, I used speedlights when I was shooting real estate, because they were small and lightweight and fast to set up. I still think that’s a good idea for that kind of photography.

  8. Very informative as always. I am about to equip myself with very large diffusers. I was thinking of getting the xxl 5 in 1 reflector / diffusers that measure about 5ft x 6ft. Until I notice your diffusing cloth. What type is it, what level of diffusion do they have and how big is big? Also interested in your black ones. Thanks again for your great blog and your videos that were amazingly useful to me.

  9. Hi Michel,
    I think a 5 in 1 is something every photographer should own. But it’s not the same as a silk. Mine is basically the same as a “sheer” curtain. I don’t know what a level of diffusion is, but my cloth does make diffuse light. I’ve also never measured it, but I’d suggest getting one that’s as big as you need — whatever size light you think is appropriate. It’s very inexpensive so you can always get more.

  10. The first lightware bag that you opened with your tripod & lightstands, which model bag is that one? Or what’s the size? I’ve been looking for a bag like that, but I’m not sure which one that is as there are a few similar choices. Thanks so much!

    • Jennifer, it’s a Lightware roller bag – they make at least 2 or 3 different lengths. Not sure which one I have, it’s the one that fits my stuff – might be 4 feet? Measure the longest thing you have and buy the one that fits (don’t get the outside dimension confused with the inside dimension, like I always do). You’ll love it!

  11. Man that was THOROUGH!!! You didn’t miss a thing! Great info at the end- the head’s up about the TSA guys jamming your stuff back into cases and creating a manifesto for each case. Foresight no one would think of without the experience.

    So with all that gear, I would imagine a shoot would take pretty much all day including load in/load out of your vehicle and the property. I’m pretty sure this no longer qualifies as real estate photography but rather architectural photography. How much do you get for a typical shoot? What is the percentage of local shoots vs travel shoots? Great video! And I really learned alot from your Interior Lighting PDF! Thank you!

    • Roy, thanks. I got my start shooting real estate but haven’t really done much of that kind of work for several years. Glad to hear you liked the book!

  12. Mark Hazeldine

    Hey Scott, really interesting video. Quite a change from your real estate course. I was just wondering what you use all those filters for in this day and age of Lightroom/P.S? Is it just that you prefer to do things in-camera or is there some kind of effect you just can’t achieve in post?

    • Mark, it’s some of both. First, I didn’t become a photographer because I liked sitting on my butt in front of a computer. So if I can do it in the field, that’s where I’m going to do it. And there are some things that simply cannot be achieved via software alone.

  13. The only effect I can think of that can’t be reproduced in software (providing your sensor can capture the full dynamic range of the scene or you take multiple exposures) is that of a polarising filter. Is there anything else I’m missing? And do you use polarisers much indoors?

  14. I know someone has already asked, but I didn’t see the answer I was looking for. I was wondering what i the name of the diffusion cloth you used to diffuse windows? that totally intrigued me for video. Thanks again, love your work and tutorials!

  15. Assuming the space is not huge, what is the primary reason to use strobes instead of speed lights?

  16. Strobes allow for a smaller aperture, lower ISO, and more flexibility with lighting.

  17. Hi Scott, I have a interior design client that wants to make sure his furniture, fabrics, textures etc, are well highlighted. I notice you use Arri 150 and 300 to add the dimensional highlighting in addition to using strobes for overall room lighting. Would you suggest the 150’s are more useful as “dinks” for highlighting tight areas, than the 300 with dimmers? I can’t buy both 150s and 300 all at once. On limited funds, which direction would you go to manage my clients needs? I know down the road, I’ll probably need both, but to start, what do you suggest.

    Your thoughts

    Thanks for you time.

    Rolfe Hokanson

    PS; I do love your comment in your equipment video on the question of “what kind of gaffers tape do you use”. VERY restrained answer.

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