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You may have noticed
a steady increase in the appearance of living, breathing, humans in my photography over the past few months. While the bulk of my work is (and is likely to continue to be) straight-up interiors/architecture, I’m also having a good time experimenting with lifestyle photography. So, from time to time, I’m self-producing (read: self-financing) lifestyle shoots, as well.

Just as in the Cigar Factory Loft project, this was a property I was already familiar with, having shot it last year. When my client offered it to me to use for this project, I jumped at the chance, because I knew it had TONS of potential.

This time, there was also a video shoot happening at the same time. Malia Campbell was in town and wanted to shoot a mock “Client Testimonial” video that would appeal to her real estate client base, so we coordinated our goals and pooled resources to make the most out of the opportunity. We even shared a couple of the models!

Krysti Lozinski touches up hair and makeup on Letitia Jacob

When I put together a day like this, it’s about working through the kinks in a low-pressure situation, so that later, when I’m on a clients’ time, things will run like a well-oiled machine. I’m developing a go-to list of professionals I can tap into (makeup, styling, grip, digital tech, etc.) when I need them for a project. And when I’ve already worked with these people on multiple occasions, we knit together as a team much better, and it’s one less thing I have to worry about. On a job, the old adage of “No new is good new” holds – and I’m much more comfortable going in with tried-and-true assistants and support that already know me and how I work (and vice versa).

If I get a nice picture in the end, that’s just gravy. In this case, I came away with 2, maybe 3 photos that I’m pretty happy with, which is actually quite good. This sort of thing can be done on the cheap, but in this case, I spent a significant amount of money to put it together. Everyone was paid (except me and Malia), and everyone came away with something for their own portfolio, as well.



  • Rob Capili – Male Model
  • Ferndando Felix – Male Model
  • Letitia Jacob – Female Model
  • Heidi Marchesotti – Female Model

We had a really good time on this shoot. Here’s a little behind-the-scenes video. Enjoy!

4 responses to “More Lifestyle/Interiors

  1. Amazing, you too are really beginning to moves the bar up some serious notches. Great to see

  2. Very nice. More refined than the Cigar Lofts.

  3. These are incredible. Are you using your normal lighting setup for these shots, or are you adding extra lights on the models?

    • Thanks Jonathan. The answer is both, depending on the shot. The shot of the couple drinking wine at the kitchen island has lighting for both the room and the models; the shots where they’re lying on the floor I didn’t do anything special just for them (that I remember).

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