Modern Highrise Residential by Bayon Design Studio


This one was a long time coming. I first scouted this project at least three years ago, while it was still a raw construction site. Located on the 45th floor of the San Francisco Millennium Tower, it was already clear that this Bayon Design Studio project was going to be special.

Designer Cindy Bayon and I visited it several times over the next couple of years while we photographed other projects of hers in the same building. She held weekly design meetings with her client and they left no detail to chance. Some major items, like the wooden Japaneses soaking tub, took months to work out.

Finally, last April, we scheduled 2 (long) days to shoot. Thanks to Bellcore Construction (builder), Defauw Design (metal fabrication), Heather Menegat (styling), and of course Cindy (everything else) for providing such an awesome project for me to photograph!

5 responses to “Modern Highrise Residential by Bayon Design Studio

  1. I’m glad the long embargo train has finally reached the station. 15 killer images in two days does sound exhausting. Thanks for sharing!

    Off topic, do you know the brand of those articulating bathroom faucets in image “large_18”?

    • 🙂

      As for faucets, you’d have to ask Cindy about that, I don’t do design. I could offer two tips:
      1) That’s a kitchen, not a bathroom.
      2) They’re expensive.

      Oh, and 3) They’re fun to shoot!

  2. I’d love to see a BTS shot for the bathroom aerial shot – what a great concept to come up with, Scott!

  3. Beautiful works of art Scott. Thanks again for the inspiration!

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