I’ve got three clients with projects in San Francisco’s Millenium Tower, (301 Mission St., Handel Architects) — and I’ve been waiting impatiently for one of them to finish so I could get in there and shoot something.

A couple of weeks ago, I got my wish. Matt Jessee, owner of MB Jessee, Inc., called me up and asked me to capture some images in their latest unit, on the 43rd floor facing the South Bay.

MB Jessee does paint, and if you’re picturing some dude with old coveralls and an ’88 Chevy pickup with a ladder strapped on top, you’ve got the wrong idea, mate. These guys do paint the way Thomas Keller does food. They don’t mess around.

Matt Jessee asked me to make sure and feature the venetian plaster that his guys did on several walls of the unit, and that’s what led to the entry hall photo above. You come into this apartment via this grey hallway, flanked on the left with plain grey, spotlit canvases, and on the right with this amazing grey venetian plaster. The lines pull you forward to the white-and-grey living room which is flooded with light from the San Francisco Bay. That light pours in through the windows and creates an ever-changing mood in the place. We shot through an afternoon and into the evening and saw (and felt) the light and the mood shift from blue daylight to sleek and sexy twilight.

In addition to creating a jazzy, cool feeling in the main living spaces, MB Jessee also created a unique work of art in the master suite:

It kind of breaks my heart that I couldn’t stay and shoot this room at night!

Here are a few more shots from this project. Thanks much to Matt and the crew for creating such a work of art for me to shoot!

7 responses to “Millenium!

  1. These photos are amazing, amazing, amazing!!

  2. Great Job Scott! The first and last images are my faves.

  3. ace. love the third one down. awesomeness. No lights on either!

  4. Wow! Stunning place and great shots Scott. Love how you used the building and Bay Bridge as lines in the photos.

  5. Thanks, you guys. I’m pretty happy with most of this shoot. The hallway shot kills me — that’s what I call a “near miss”. It had a lot of potential but I missed a couple things, and (in my own defense) I got hurried out the door a little earlier than we had originally planned, so I had to call it a wrap about 30 minutes before I was really “done” with it. C’est la vie….

  6. Love the look you have created for these photos, as others have said…stunning! Personally, I think the hallway shot works…how many vertical lines are there – and all serving a purpose!

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