Mid-Century remodel by building Lab


A few weeks ago I met architect Stephen Shoup of building Lab in San Francisco to photograph a new residential project. Stephen’s work has a very strong character that makes it instantly recognizable, but it also evolves over time, which is absolutely fascinating, and challenging, from a photographic standpoint.

For example, check out this stairwell:


And then compare it to this one I shot for Stephen back in 2013:


Natural wood, check. The thin metal rods that serve as a partial wall have morphed into high-tension wire, but the motif remains the same. Both stairwells have very strong graphical lines and both “make a statement” rather than receding into the background.

And this stairwell came with a little something extra…a playspace for the resident kid!


I could’ve spent the rest of the day doing nothing but composing shots on this structure, but we did have a few other things to shoot:

Millenium_03 Millenium_02 Millenium_05

All in all, a fun day! More building Lab projects coming up, so don’t touch that dial!

2 responses to “Mid-Century remodel by building Lab

  1. Wow, more very inspiring work. I’ve enjoyed looking at that 2013 shot numerous times over the last couple of years, so much so that I got a vaguely similar shot a couple of weeks ago when I saw a staircase composition and your image sprang immediately to mind Scott.

  2. Not only are the pictures beautiful, but you did what I think is equally challenging … Injected humor with the little girl and her stuffed animal in the 4th photo down.

    To an extent, the environments are what they are. Oh, we can compose, and light them — all essential to our quest. But with just the right touches, generally achieved with accessories, they can’t reach the heights we desire. Humor!? That’s a REAL challenge. In your 4th picture down, I just love the little girl in the peep-hole. Very cute.

    Keep inspiring us!

    Best, Vic

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